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Company Profile

eFuture Information Technology Inc. (Nasdaq:EFUT) is a leading provider of software and mobile social shopping network services to China's rapidly growing retail and consumer goods industries. eFuture's clients include 1,000+ active retailers with more than 50,000 physical stores across China, which above 45 companies were ranked among the top 100 chain retailers during 2013. As a pioneer and proponent of omni-channel and mobile internet solutions in Asia-pacific, we developed myStore, a mobile shopping social network, to connect consumers and physical stores. For more information about eFuture, please visit http://www.e-future.com.cn.

Headquartered in Beijing, eFuture was founded in 1997, and listed on the NASDAQ in October 2006.

Where there are consumers, there is eFuture.

Creating a happy consumer world.

eFuture's clients include manufacturers, distributors, resellers, logistics companies and retailers. The Company's client base encompasses global corporations such as Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, and B&Q as well as leading Chinese companies. Its domestic clients include 1,000+ active retailers with more than 50,000 physical stores across China, of which above 45 companies were ranked among the top 100 chain retailers during 2013, such as Suning, Shanghai Bailian-Lianhua, China Resources Vanguard and Beijing Wangfujing.

Business line:
eFuture operates three business lines: software solutions, myStore and omni-channel cloud service.
Software solutions represent eFuture's traditional software business. Our software solutions' mission is to digitize every value chain and each decision made by the customers. The key to realize this lies in the software professional services including delivery service, recurring maintenance service and the construction of a reliable support service system. This proven model is a fundamental pillar for successful software companies.
myStore is a mobile social network connecting physical stores and its local consumers. Our goal is to digitize every consumer and form an enormous database, which is the base of anticipating the trend of retail industry in the future. To advance our goal, we have launched myStore apps for consumers and retailers and accelerated investment in R&D.
Omni-channel cloud services include myStore-driven omni-channel solutions, digital labor cloud services and digital social media marketing services. We are committed to creating a complete consumer experience by utilizing an omni-channel model, and in the process helping retailers and brands gain significant competitive advantages in the mobile internet age.

myStore is a mobile shopping social network connecting physical stores and its local consumers, aiming to help retailers to complete the transition from single channel to omni channels. myStore connects retailers to facilitate the aggregation effect of physical stores. The consumer-centric business circle thereby formed covers physical stores within 3 km so that consumers can examine products at a brick-and-mortar store and purchase products anytime, anywhere via mobile devices. In addition, consumers form a social shopping community with their friends and family in myStore and exchange recommendations with each other.

Governance Documents
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationBusiness Conduct and Ethics
Download Corporate Governance DocumentationCorporate Governance Principles

The Corporate Governance Principles and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics contain general guidelines for conducting eFuture’s business. They are consistent with the highest standards of business ethics, and are intended to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.